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Waltz Soda Fountain



About Us

Classic 1948 soda fountain with so much more! We feature local favorites including Round Top Ice Cream, Rock City Coffee, Old Time Donuts, and Metcalf’s chili as well as our own made to order items. Made to order breakfast and lunch served all day including waffles, breakfast sandwiches, BLTs, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and our own Hot Elvis. In a hurry? We have grab n go sandwiches and snacks. We’re also the local Concord Bus Ticket Agent. Free high-speed Internet in a classic setting. Waltz Soda Fountain has been owned and operated by the same local family since its beginning. We enjoy having customers relive their fountain memories as well as introducing new generations to the tradition. Over the years, many local teens have had their first job as a “soda jerk” here. Stop in and take a spin on a stool or a seat in our booths while enjoying a classic fountain treat. We have historic photos and vintage fountain equipment, T-shirts and baseball caps, along with free WiFi!


  • Round Top Ice Cream. Thick frappes. Best ice cream soda in town!
  • Homemade breakfast including waffles, breakfast sandwiches, donuts, muffins & toast
  • Lunch classics and more! Hot and cold sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese, hot Elvis , chicken salad, BLTs and more!
  • Metcalf’s chili, soup and whoopie pies
  • Delicious Rock City Roasters coffee in 3 roasts


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Jo-Ann at 16 opening day
Perley & Gerry Waltz 1952
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